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About me...



I'm Akira and I love to sing! Pop, Rock. Jazz, R&B and Musical Theatre, I love to sing it ALL!  I've been lucky enough to perform with Sia (!!!) on The Ellen Show and voice an international BMW campaign directed by the uber talented Martin Werner.  Follow me on twitter or Instagram for performance dates! Next up I'll be with LACHSA's Vocal Jazz Ensemble at the Playboy Jazz Festival, June 9th at the Hollywood Bowl.


You can also find me co-hosting  Junk Drawer Magic for DreamworksTV on YouTube.  And be sure to check out my new show Junk Drawer Magical Adventures on Universal Kids network!

Every Saturday! 8:30pm EST/7:30pm CST

🎶If you're looking for the full track of Ride the Lightning, you can find it here 🎸 

Akira Sky


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